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Our Philosophy

At Commensalist we embrace a philosophy that merges dreams of lush paradises with ecological responsibility. Founder Louis De Jaeger's dedication after global explorations led to a mission aimed at restoring the Earth. Our team of passionate landscape architects, engineers and experts create living masterpieces on a variety of site sizes. Designs range from enchanting food forests to regenerative agriculture and permaculture projects, reflecting depth and precision. Understanding the urgency to tackle soil degradation drives our philosophy towards restoring the balance between people and nature. Commensalist avoids compromises and offers holistic expertise for projects of various sizes, turning dreams into reality and contributing to the recovery of the planet. This philosophy harmonizes human aspirations with sustainable ecological management.

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Commensalist Trajectory


The most important thing: feel whether there is a click between you and the Commensalist philosophy


Holistic framework workshop
The success of your overall project depends on the strength of your vision. Our goal is to get your vision of the future crystal clear in an intense workshop.


First visit of the team. An intense brainstorming session and observation area.


Structure plan
Propose first draft design. After the feedback session, we establish the structure plan.


Master plan
When we have completely finalized the structure together and pour this into a master plan.


Drawing up a planting list and planting plan


Delivering a complete package
Our hard work all comes together here in a very clear and comprehensive package. The design is finished, on to the implementation.


Work coordination (optional)
If desired, we coordinate the works.

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