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Horse paradise

...because your horse deserves the best

Get more out of your pasture

Do you feel that you can get much more out of your horse pasture? Do you have to feed your horses too much at the moment?


Do your horses sometimes experience stress and restlessness? Do you want change and do you want to get more out of your horse pasture?

Horses are more than grazers

Horses are natural grazers, but also browsers. This means that they have been picking their food from different heights since horse memory. The natural stretching that results from this is very important for a horse's health. In traditional pastures, horses eat 100% of their food on the ground or from feeding setups. In reality, a horse needs to be able to get at least 20% of their food at different heights, from their knees to the furthest they can stretch.

Commensalist - Pasture design - Horses - Paddock Paradise - Garden and landscaping
Commensalist - Pasture design - Horses - Paddock Paradise - Garden and landscaping

A food forest in your garden

During an afternoon, someone from our design team will come by to take a closer look at the entire horse complex.

We start with an analysis of which horses are currently available. We take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of the current condition of the pasture(s).

During a brainstorming session we find out what the biggest areas of your project are. After this afternoon you will receive a step-by-step plan with the different priorities.

You can then choose to work on this yourself or have us develop it further into an all-in-one plan.


During the afternoon we will thoroughly discuss your project, goals and obstacles together. Gaining expertise takes a lot of time. We are there so that you do not have to sift through dozens of books and websites yourself to find what is ideal for your situation.

Dog-friendly garden 

A dog is a person's best friend. A dog does everything it can to serve its owner as best as possible, it is an honor to have a proud four-legged friend by your side. Many owners want to do everything they can to ensure that their dog is happy.

You could say that a large garden is number 1 for a dog, but that is not true. A dog is better off in an apartment if its owner takes it for a walk several times every day, plays with it and gives it attention, then it should be left to its own devices in a large, ideal garden.

A good fence is worth its weight in gold
Of course it is better to combine a garden with the necessary attention! One of the most important things in a garden is a good fence! Dogs love nothing more than going out on their own on an adventure, and then sometimes not finding their way back... 

Many people think: a dog in the house is bye bye garden, but that does not have to be the case. A well-thought-out design can combine a beautiful design with every comfort for the dog.

Louis De Jaeger - Commensalist - garden architect - landscape architect - garden - ecological -

How do you make your horse happier?

  • Edible trees and shrubs grow in their meadow


  • Hills and obstacles are to be braved or avoided


  • Challenges allow them to explore all their muscles


  • Medicinal plants grow in or next to the meadow


  • Wet areas are present to hydrate their hooves

Commensalist - Weide design - Paarden - Paddock Paradise - Tuin en landschapsarchitectuur
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