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About us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Commensalist we are not just a company, we are a passionate team of creative minds, experts in their field. What makes us truly unique is our commitment to understanding you as an individual. We listen carefully to your needs, dreams and desires, and combine this with our expertise to deliver unique results. With our unparalleled professionalism and creativity, we ensure that every collaboration with Commensalist is an extraordinary experience.


Our story

Welcome to the world of Commensalist – where dreams of lush paradises merge with ecological responsibility. Founder Louis De Jaeger decided after his voyages of discovery to devote his life to restoring the earth. With our passionate team of landscape architects, engineers and experts, we create living works of art on every piece of land, large or small. From enchanting food forests to resilient regenerative agriculture and harmonious permaculture projects – we design with depth and precision.

We understand the urgency.


By 2050, 90% of our soils will be degraded if we don't act. Our mission goes beyond aesthetics; it is about restoring balance between people and nature. At Commensalist we make no compromises. Our expertise includes projects from a few square meters to extensive developments of hundreds of hectares. If you're looking for a well-thought-out, holistic plan for your land – a plan that not only fulfills your dream, but also restores the planet – then you've come to the right place. Let's realize your vision together and create a lasting positive impact. See you soon, where the future of your country begins.

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