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Zelfpluk CSA Voedselbos

Zwevegem, Belgium

Description du projet

A 2 hectare food forest where the owner Beukel Hoet wants to benefit the community with healthy fruits and nuts.

Customers will pay a monthly fee, in exchange they will be able to pick whatever they want.

We designed this multistrata agroforestry system with optimal production in mind, having maximum respect for biodiversity, water infiltration and carbon storage at the same time.

With the Commensalist team, we also guided our client with the website and logo creation, social media presence and marketing strategy.


Project Type


Taille (hectares)



Zwevegem, Belgium

Drone shots

Zie hier drone shots van de jonge aanplant van Pluktuin Bes.

Het voedselbos werd in rechte lijnen aangeplant om ervoor te zorgen dat het onderhoud minimaal is.

Binnen de rijen is er reeds genoeg natuurlijke chaos om de biodiversiteit te helpen.

Votre vision

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