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Privé eiland regenereren in Argentinië

Guaminí, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Description du projet

A degraded island that needs to be restored into a farm of the future, with a boutique guesthouse acommodating small groups of people wanting to follow a retreat. It's Commensalist job to do the project management of the project. We gathered together a team of experts: tree nurseries, tree experts, engineers, soil experts, agronomists,...

Together we built a plan to renew the docks for the ships, ameliorate the landing strip for small aircrafts, create a water capturing system to save rainwater, renewable energy, desalination plant.

In the farm of the future we provided the following ingredients:

  • Winery

  • Truffle orchard

  • Food forest

  • Agroforestry

  • Holistic grazing

  • Greenhouse for local vegetable production

  • Market garden

  • Esthetic garden around the guesthouse


Project Type

Farm of the future

Taille (hectares)



Guaminí, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

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