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The Commensalist Logo

Louis De Jaeger

9 apr. 2024

Regenerate. Inspire. Celebrate.

As an international landscape architecture firm, with a focus on creating a connection between people, nature, food and climate, we had to find the right symbolism.

First of all you see the C of Commensalist. Commensalism is a term coined in 1876 by Belgian palaeontologist and zoologist Pierre-Joseph van Beneden and comes from the Latin, cum mensa, meaning 'at the same table'.

It is a relationship between organisms where one organism gets help from another organism, without harming the other organism. It is the simplest form of constructive, no-strings-attached collaboration. Let's imagine a bird building a nest in a tree. The tree doesn't mind and the bird is happy. The bird gets hungry and eats insects, that are bothering the tree. The bird is helping the tree, and the tree is happy. This is an impromptu collaboration where at least nobody gets hurt and where at least one organism gets a benefit.

If everybody would be at least a commensalist, we would have world peace.

At the upper side of the logo you see leaves, catching the sun and connecting heaven with land, where you see the roots, at the bottom side of the logo.

The tree in a C-shape expresses movement and holds an open space in the middle. That's where you are welcome: a space to feel secure, but where you still have a lookout to the outside world.

In the tree, a small bird is flying to other trees, connecting different ecosystems and even ecoregions.

Our mission is to regenerate as many hectares of land as possible, inspire as many people as possible and celebrate life as much as possible. This logo captures it all.

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